Palm Vaults Cafe, Hackney

Plant – Based, pink hues and succulent filled, this cafe is all your Instagram dreams come true…

I’ve wanted to visit Palm Vaults for a while now, this week I finally got the chance to head over to east London to see what all the fuss was about.

I can safely say it doesn’t disappoint. Firstly, the interior is incredible, very 70’s inspired with pink velvet seats, gold decor and hanging plants. Secondly, the menu is completely plant-based meaning veggie/vegans will adore it.

On the menu is everything you could imagine and more, tea, coffee, multicoloured lattes, smoothie bowls, juices, and too many delicious brunch options.

I ordered a ‘Velvet Latte’ and Toasted Brioche with Biscoff and chocolate inside, It was delicious! But lets talk about the Velvet latte as I know you’re probably dying to know how they made it…

A velvet latte is completely caffeine & dairy free. It’s made from almond milk, vanilla and beetroot. As I’m not a big coffee drinker this was right up my street, I’m definitely going to try and recreate one at home. They also do matcha green tea lattes and aqua lattes (pale blue coloured).

Overall I highly recommend paying a visit. I could easily spend hours in there just soaking up the good atmosphere. Let me know if you’ve ever been there and  tell me what you thought!

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  1. Annette
    18th January 2017 / 8:55 pm

    I haven’t been there but it sounds good and looks great. I must start making more smoothies.


    • natashabonny
      20th January 2017 / 8:33 am

      They apparently do a great Acai smoothie bowl which i didn’t get to try. I guess it’s an excuse to go back 🙂

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